The thing I’ve learned is that often the pain doesn’t come from your emotions at all; it comes from your resistance to feeling them. It comes from the constant battle that begins the moment you dip your toe in the water, and before you’ve even deciphered what that sensation is, your mind has switched to flight mode and you’re running for the hills. The pain comes from the unending list of destructive ways you keep yourself numb. But eventually you must realise that in blocking your true feelings you’re creating other forms of unbearable pain. And that the only way out is to dive right in. When you allow yourself to feel everything that you really feel, you discover that it was never your emotions that were drowning you, it was your fear of them. You find that not only can you swim, but you can float, and when you stop fighting them, many of these feelings will float on by with ease.
- (via liquid-diamonds-flowing)

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